How to measure curtains

Made to Measure Curtains

Before you measure   Before taking measurements for your curtain, it is important to make sure your curtain pole or track is installed in the recommended location.  The curtain pole/track should extend at least 15-25cm to either side of the window, and 15cm above the top of the window. We recommend you use a metal tape measure, which will not stretch.   Curtain width To measure the width of your curtain, measure from the end of the tracks or the usable section of the pole between the 'finials' or decorative ends (D...

How to choose curtain headings

Made to Measure Curtains

Heading is the way the top of the curtain attaches to the poles or track. There are different headings you can choose for your curtains and all depend on your preference or the type of pole or track you are using.  The type of heading you choose can sometimes affect the curtain’s look (to achieve a contemporary or a traditional style) and cost (some headings require more fabric and complicate processes than others).   Pencil   Pleat   A   pencil pleat heading creates a simple and tidy feel.   It can   be hung onto ...