The VoilaVoile story

The VoilaVoile collection was created to give people access to the the most luxurious fabrics and unique designs from around the world.

We have built strong relationships with a select group of independent fabric manufacturers, which allows us to hand pick the highest quality fabrics and most sensational designs for our customers. 


Our expert tailors manufacture our products to your exact specifications, so we can offer a truly unique range of made-to-measure and ready-made curtains, as well as premium selection of voiles and blinds.

The interior decorations market has historically been dominated by a small number of big brands, which occupy as much as 95% of the online market.  We created the VoilaVoile bespoke collection to reinvigorate the UK interiors market – to bring diversity and creativity back into your home!

We want to inspire you to create breathtakingly beautiful rooms using the most exotic and luxurious materials. 

Be inspired.  Be you.  Be VoilaVoile!